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As an owner or manager of a multitenant building, the success of your business ultimately relies on the satisfaction of your residents. And, as we progress into the 21st century, residents of all ages have come to view high-speed internet not as a luxury, but as a necessity.

In fact, according to recent research, apartment owners, managers, and developers have ranked WiFi and high-speed internet as the amenities most important to residents, beating out traditional amenities like in-unit laundry. Other surveys confirm this finding, and report that a desire for reliable, high-speed internet transcends age: everyone from students to established professionals to families want high-speed broadband.

In all likelihood, your residents have a wide variety of options when it comes to renting an a place to live. Make sure yours can compete by offering fast, reliable internet service.

Sales Tool Benefits

No matter how many residents live in your building, we can offer internet services that will never falter. Boost your apartment’s desirability by providing fast, reliable internet service that won’t cost you (or your residents) an arm and a leg. Because reliable WiFi and high-speed internet are highly-desirable amenities, offering these to your residents could mean the difference between filling your multitenant building or operating at below capacity.


We give our multi-tenant customers many options including bulk billed internet access, “right of entry”, or something in between. We can make something work that allows your tenants to have a solid option.


“Our experience with Andrew and his team has been excellent! Transition to his service from our prior provider was done smoothly. But what really makes this whole experience superb is his customer service. He and his team are incredibly responsive and effective when solving the issues reported by our tenants. It was the best decision made regarding our internet service!”

Gabriela Barazarte, WESLI (Wisconsin ESL Institute)

“4th Ward Lofts is located in downtown Madison but does not have fiber service without buildout. Andrew and team were able to provide in-unit service to all of our 70 units using a fixed point wireless solution. The cost per unit blew other ISP’s out of the water and the customer service is outstanding. In addition, Andrew was able to offer us a tiered speed/billing solution to accommodate power users.”

Tony, 4th Ward Lofts


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